jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

CINECLUB: LA LA LAND (City of Dreams)

odern-day Los Angeles, the city of stars. Mia and Sebastian are struggling to 
Los Angeles, the city of stars, Mia and Sebastian are struggling to succeed in their respective careers, acting and jazz. Music will accompany them in their search for their dreams and love with already mythical songs such as “Another Day of Sun” or “City of Stars”, Oscar for best original song in 2017. The six-oscar awarded film in 2017 will be projected on:

WEDNESDAY , MAY 16th at 5 pm
 Room A027

La La Land , el musical que triunfó en los Oscars de 2017 con 6 estatuillas, entre ellas la de mejor canción original  ( la famosa "City of Stars"),  estará en nuestro cineclub el :
MIÉRCOLES 16 de MAYO   a las 17 horas
 Aula A027
Wedenesdayin their respective careers, acting and jazz. Music will accompany the protagonists in their search for dreams and love with already mythical songs such as “Another Day of Sun” or “City of Stars”, winner of the Oscar fhttp://www.lalaland.movie/or best original song in 20MOdern17Mo

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2018


On Friday 16th March our school celebrated Saint Patrick's Day in a very special way. We received the visit of Jon, from Burlington Books, to tell us about Ireland and its patron saint's day. He also organised the contest "who wants to be a millionaire?" to check the students' knowledge about Ireland and other Enlish-speaking countries. Most students got very nice prizes, in some cases thanks to the phone call that Jon's mother kindly answered to help them with the right answer. It was a very enjoyable day in which we learnt many things, practised our English and had great great fun!!

miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018


Hidden Figures tells the story of  three incredible African-American women, Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, who worked as “human computers” at NASA in a time (the 60s) when to be a colored woman in USA was a difficult issue. Thanks to their intelligence and determination, these women got to cross all gender, race and professional lines and they continue being an inspiration for future generations.

Para conmemorar el día de las mujeres científicas (11 de febrero), hemos decidido proyectar la  película Figuras ocultas, como homenaje a estas tres mujeres que a pesar de todos los obstáculos que encontraron debido a su género y raza, consiguieron grandes logros en la era de la carrera espacial estadounidense. 

Here you can have a look at the film trailer:


The film will be projected on February 21st at 5 pm in room A027

Don't miss it!!

Recordad: el día 21 de febrero a las 5 de la tarde en el aula A027. ¡Os esperamos!

martes, 31 de octubre de 2017



We'll open the film season with  MOANA, the animation tale of a Polynesian teenager’s quest to save her home  island. The film is full of outstanding visuals, earworm songs and heart-swelling messages about respect for the past and hopes for the future. Don't miss it!!

No hay que perderse la película con la que abrimos la temporada de nuestro cineclub. VAIANA, la historia de una adolescente polinesia que tendrá que salvar su isla. Un film con unas imágenes impresionantes, unas canciones muy pegadizas y un mensaje sobre el respeto a nuestro pasado y la esperanza en el futuro, que te robará el corazón.

NOVEMBER 8th at 5pm in room A027
8 noviembre a las 17.00 h en el aula A027  

lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017


Here you are some pictures of today's Halloween celebration at school. We learnt some more things about this mainly American festivity thanks to our PE teacher, Jaime Jódar, who lived in the USA for some time. There was also a video projection and we ate some terrifying sweets. Thanks to all the participants too!! See you in next year' s celebration!!

lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017


Halloween is back at "Luis de Lucena" school. Don't miss the special celebration we are holding 
next MONDAY OCTOBER 30th in room A027 at break time.

Celebraremos Halloween en el recreo del próximo 
lunes 30 de octubre en el aula A027.

There will be great surprises, quizzes, terrifying sweets... and we will practice our English listening and speaking.

Don't miss it!! 
 And bring some Halloween outfit for the occassion!!

¡No os lo perdáis y traed alguna prenda apropiada para la ocasión!

lunes, 5 de junio de 2017


Our English language assistant, Laura McKee, finished her work in our school last Tuesday May 30th. All the students and teachers she has been working with wanted to organise a goodbye party and gave her some presents and surprises.
Laura got really surprised and was difficult for her not to shed some tears. The students of the 1st year bilingual class prepared a special dance for the event that performed in front of her with great success. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUtlWKujqlE/

From this blog, we want to wish Laura all the best and tell her that the students and teachers in this school won't forget her kindness, good attitude and hard work.

 Goodbye and all the best!!!  ¡Hasta siempre, Laura!