martes, 6 de marzo de 2012


An old treasure map found by a group of pre-teenagers is going to lead them to live a thrilling adventure in which they are going to meet a tender deformed monster called Sloth. Esta monstruosa y a la vez dulce criatura es uno de los hermanos de una peligrosa banda de atracadores, los Fratelli. The Goonies will have to face them in their search of the pirate One-Eyed Willie's treasure. Lots of adventures are waiting for them and for you! ¡no os perdáis la película y viviréis trepidantes aventuras con los Goonies!

En nuestro cineclub el día 28 de marzo a las  5 en el aula A027. ¡Os esperamos!
Remember!: on March 28th at  5 pm in room A027.
 Don't miss it!!

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi all! The Goonies was filmed in the state that I live in, Oregon state in the USA! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Keep up the good work everyone!
Rachael, former bilingual assistant :)