jueves, 17 de enero de 2013


We welcome the year 2013 with this British film which won three BAFTA Awards (the  British equivalent to the American Oscar Awards).  It is an uplifting  emotionally triumphant film  we are sure it will cheer you up.
¿Qué mejor manera de empezar el año con optimismo que  con la historia de un chaval empeñado en conseguir su sueño y en escapar del gris futuro que le espera en su barrio?
We are sure that this film won't disappoint you. It was directed by Stephen Daldry in 2000 and it  stars  Jamie Bell as 11-year old Billy Elliot, a miner's son whose main dream is to become a ballet dancer.
Una historia conmovedora y esperanzadora que no os podéis perder. Os esperamos el próximo miércoles día 6 de Febrero a las 5 de la tarde en el aula A027.

Remember: February 6th in room A027 at 5 pm.

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MIchelle :) dijo...

Hi, I'm so excited about this film because is one of my favourite movies and I really wanted to watch it again.
I love it ! :)

Olga dijo...

I'm happy to hear that! We will talk about the film in class before its projection. Thanks for your comment.

Marco dijo...

I'd like to watch it, it's a pity I've got football training on Wednesday.

Departamento de Inglés. Olga Álvaro Ordóñez dijo...

it's a pity you can't miss your training, Marco. Anyway, you can borrow the film from the school library. Thanks for your comment.

Giovani dijo...

I'm very excited to see this film , I think that it teach you many life values. I have only seen half of the film so I will go.

Unknown dijo...

I'll be there to watch it. I have seen Billy Eliots' Theatre

Unknown dijo...
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Departamento de Inglés. Olga Álvaro Ordóñez dijo...

That's right Giovani, it teaches you other important values, among them, not to be sexist or narrow-minded.

David, Do you mean the musical or the play?

Thanks for your comments, boys. I will see you at the projection.

31 de enero de 2013 08:30

Javier sanz dijo...

I¨ve seen this film three or four times, and it´s very nice.It shows how a family with differents problems does the daily life

Departamento de Inglés. Olga Álvaro Ordóñez dijo...

Javier, you mean how a family with DIFFERENT problems lead their daily lives.

By the way, even if you have seen the film several times, you should come to the projection to see it in English and appreciate Billy's Northern accent. Right?