lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017


And to finish our cinema season, we coudn't have chosen a better film: BROOKLYN, the story of  Eilis, an Irish immigrant who arrives in Brooklyn (New York) in the 1950s. There, she is going to start a new life with a new job, a new boyfriend, new opportunities...but it is not gold all that glitters, homesick is always haunting her and when she has to come back home unexpectedly, she will have to make a decision. 

Una romántica historia enmarcada en la comunidad irlandesa emigrada a Nueva York, y que se asentó principalmente en el barrio de Brooklyn. Una de las películas más taquilleras y mejor valoradas de 2015. ¡No os la perdáis!

Wednesday MAY  17th , at 5 pm in room A027

Don't miss it!!

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