jueves, 4 de junio de 2009


El pasado miércoles día 3 de junio, se dieron los premios a los participantes del concurso de inglés Eliminar formato de la selecciónEliminar formato de la selección

The Big Challenge. All the participants got an English magazine and a diploma just for taking part in the quiz. As you can see in the pictures, the prizes were given according to the students' level. Eliminar formato de la selección

The level with more participants was 1st year of ESO, where Sergio Sánchez and Roberto Granda got the 2nd and 3rd best score in Castilla-La Mancha. Apart from the diploma and the magazine,They were given a fantastic cup , an English dictionary and a CD about London.

En 2º de ESO la mejor clasificada del centro fue Aránzazu Ortíz seguida por Cristina Sobrino. The best score for 3rd of ESO in our school was Diana Alina Cornea, followed by Manuel Orihuela, but the students of the 3rd year couldn't come to the ceremony as they were on a school trip , that's the reason you can't find a picture of them!

Finalmente, en 4º de ESO, aunque la primera clasificada fue Diana Tejón Pérez, vemos posando con su premio a la segunda clasificada Sandra Ajenjo Muela junto con su profesora Olga Álvaro.

Congratulations to all the participants!! ¡ Os animamos a participar otra vez el próximo año!

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anonimo1 dijo...

Olga , can you put the photos of the last year please.

Anónimo dijo...

I suppose you are David Hernández asking for the pictures I took of your class of 4th of ESO. Don't worry , I will publish them soon

anonimo1 dijo...

jaja I tell you it was me,not that you suppose. thanks