jueves, 10 de junio de 2010


The Big Challenge prize giving ceremony was held on June 10th. All the participants received a diploma and an English magazine and the winners of each level also received other prizes such as DVDs or dictionaries in English.

Cabe destacar la buena posición a nivel regional y nacional de los alumnos de 2º Bilingüe, donde Sergio Sánchez García quedó por segundo año consecutivo el segundo clasificado a nivel regional en el nivel de 2º de ESO.

This is the list of the rewarded students:

1º ESO: Marco Benito Kaesbach (1st highest school score and 25th highest regional score) , Mar Sánchez Domenech (2nd highest school score), Alejandro Marco Cortés ( 3rd) , Santiago González-Carvajal (4th), Alvaro Gómez Martínez ( 5th) and Michelle Rabadán de Sousa .

2º ESO: Sergio Sánchez García (1st highest school score and 2nd highest regional score) , Javier Cuevas Padín (2nd school score and 11th highest regional score), Martín Gómez Terol (3rd highest school score and 29th highest regional score), Víctor Alcolea Calles ( 4th at school and 32nd highest regional score), Pablo Peña Romero ( 5th at school and 44th highest regional score) and Pablo Alba Ladrón de Guevara ( 6th at school and 47th highest regional score).
3º ESO: Aránzazu Ortíz Ortega (1st highest school score and 90th highest regional score), Valentina Tsvetanova Zarkova ( 2nd at school) and Silvia Moreno López ( 3rd).
4º ESO: Diana Alina Cornea (1st highest school score and 25th highest school score) , Alejandro Paniagua Tineo (2nd highest school score and 55th highest regional school score).
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the participants. We expect to continue counting on your participation next year!

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