lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011


Here you can see some Presidents' Day pictures. In one of them, all the presidents quiz winners appear next to Maggie, our language assistant. Their names are: Victor Alcolea, Julián Chamero and Javier Cuevas (3rd year ESO students), Almudena Bellido, Alba Benito, Sara Chicharro, Sara Ortega and Patricia Palomar (1st year ESO students). Congratulations to all of them !!
That day we learnt some very interesting things about some USA presidents. For instance, we learnt that both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were very honest men. The legend says that Washington never told lies (mentiras). So, when he was 6 years old, he preferred being punished by his dad after cutting down his favourite cherry tree (cerezo) to tell him a lie that could save him from punishment.
De la misma manera, a Lincoln le llamaban "honest Abe" and when he worked in an convenience store (tienda de ultramarinos) as a shop assistant, una vez fue caminando hasta casa de una ancianita que vivía a más de una hora de camino para darle la cantidad exacta de té que le había vendido, ya que por accidente le había dado unos gramos menos. Two good examples to follow!!!

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