miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013


Come to celebrate this traditional Irish festivity dressed in green and you will get a gift!!!
The event will be held in room A027 at  break time on March 19th. 
We will have a guest, a native speaker who will tell us a lot of interesting things about Saint Patrick's history and the traditions linked to this day.  The winners of Saint Patrick' s quiz will receive their prizes and there will be other surprises.
Don't miss the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Ireland 's most widespread tradition!!

¡Recordad: Si venís vestidos de verde, recibiréis un obsequio!¡Os esperamos el 19 de marzo en el recreo en el aula A027!

3 comentarios:

Michelle :D dijo...

You'll see me there :').
I love all these Irish things.

Tanya :3 dijo...

I'd like to visit Ireland.. In fact I'm saving money to go on Holidays there! *Fingers crossed* :3

Unknown dijo...

OK, girls. It is great to count on you.