lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013


Are you interested in knowing more about this frightening tradition? 
Come to room A027 on October 29th at break time. Our language assistant, Sophie, will tell us lots of interesting things about it and how it is celebrated in Great Britain.

There will be a quiz and some prizes for the winners and for those dressed in black or dark purple. 

Don't forget!  Tuesday OCTOBER 29TH

Recordad:  El martes 29 de Octubre en el recreo en el aula A027

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Unknown dijo...

I'm César Martínez Fraile of 1A E.S.O.
I think it is a good idea and funny.

Departamento de Inglés. Olga Álvaro Ordóñez dijo...

Thanks very much, César. You did brilliantly this morning at the celebration. I hope you enjoyed your chocolate bat. Best wishes.