lunes, 4 de abril de 2011


Here you are the scores of the second week : . As you can see Mar Sánchez Domenech and Nerea Oñoro, both students in 2º ESO, continue at the top of the list with 20 points. Congratulations!!

After them, we find the Bachillerato students Manuel Orihuela, Diana Alina Cornea, Noelia de Blas and the 3º ESO student Pablo Peña with 19 points.

Patricia Sotodosos and Coral Manzanera are next in the list with 18 points.

Así pues, la competición está muy reñida, cualquiera puede ganar. ¡Seguid participando las próximas semanas!

The questions of the third week have already come out, to download them click:

Good luck to all the participants!!

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