lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


Nerea Oñoro Salaices (2º ESO) continues to have the highest score in the competition: 30 points. Congratulations, Nerea!! She is closely followed by: Mar Sánchez Domenech (2ºESO) with 28 points, Noelia de Blas Gutiérrez (1ºBachillerato) with 28 points, Diana Alina Cornea (1º Bachillerato) with 28 points , Manuel Orihuela Arévalo (1º Bachillerato ) with 28 points, Alba Benito Kaesbach (1º ESO) with 27 points, Nuria Muñoz García (1º ESO) with 27 points, Sara Chicharro Bermejo (1º ESO) with 27 points, Coral Manzanera Ruiz (1º Bachillerato) with 27 points, Patricia Sotodosos San Clemente (1º Bachillerato) with 27 points . To see all the participants' score click : La semana que viene es la cuarta y última semana . No te olvides de participar. You can download your questions for the fourth and last week in : Who will be the winners? Don't miss next post!

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